Grassland Guardians


Name of game: Grassland Guardians

Team members:

Name: Student ID
Hengky Sanjaya 2201852492
Ryan Rusli 2201832446
Robert Reden 2201816612

Our game is an endless type of game where the aim is to accumulate the highest possible score. The theme of this game is survival. This game takes place on a farm where the player acts as the herder to the farm animals. The player will gain score/gold by collecting the farm animals’ produce which spawn periodically. Every 20 seconds, a pack of wolves will spawn and try to hunt down all of the farm animals and the player should try to protect the farm animals by killing the wolves.



The chicken and cow represent the animals in the world. Whereas, wolf represent some people who hunt animals carelessly without the feel of humanity. The empathy of this game is to tell people to conserve and to take care of animals in the world in order to prevent the extinction of animals whose numbers are getting fewer.


Our game takes place in a farm far away from the city. In a place where wolves are in abundance. The hero whom you play as is tasked to fend off the bloodthirsty wolves who threaten your livestock. By collecting resources produced by your animals, you will be able to purchase more animals or upgrades to increase your hero’s strength. Resist the endless stream of wolves for as long as you can!


How to play the game

The player starts the game with 5 gold which can be used to purchase farm animals(chicken: 5 gold, cow: 45 gold). Every few seconds the farm animals will drop their produce that can be clicked to gain score(chicken will drop an egg every 10 seconds that give you 5 gold, cows will produce milk every 15 seconds that give you 15 gold).

The player can purchase animals by holding the number located in the top left of the slot and left click on the location where you want to spawn the animal or you can simply click the animal and then the location.

The player can purchase clicker upgrades by holding down ‘3’ on the keyboard and left click or click on the cursor slot.

The player starts with 3 lives. If an animal gets eaten by (collides with) a wolf, one life will be deducted.

The player loses if:

  • Life count drops to 0
  • The player has 0 money and 0 animals left on screen

Player Control

The available keys for player control on the keyboard is the ‘1’, ‘2’, and ‘3’ key and the game mainly focuses on the use of mouse/trackpad clicks.


Team Member Contributions

Hengky Sanjaya: Graphics, Main Menu, report, etc.

Ryan Rusli: Main game, Main Menu, report, etc.

Robert Reden: Report, Main Game Settings, etc.


Game Application

  • Music

Add music if you think that music is very important for your game and help the player. Make sure the player has the option to turn off the music.

  • Score

It’s better your game has a HUD to keep the score or time or anything that important always available for your players

  • Help Page

A help page that explain how to play your game

  • About Page

An about page that contains all team members’ name and how to contact you, an email is better


  • Resources Page

A page that contain a list everything that you got from the internet with the link of the sources

List of Items Created by us

–       Main menu

–       How to play popup image

–       Settings menu

–      High score page


Game Background/ Images Explanations

This was the main background we used for all our menus, excluding the settings section. The reason we chose this background was as it depicts a very calming scenery and atmosphere, it is something that is usually visualized when someone imagines a farm. Furthermore, it accompanies the sprites of the animals well as they also provide the same image towards the farm.


The reason we chose these images for our animals as they portray innocent and harmless characters.

We chose a wolf as the game enemy as it is a common animal that threatens normal livestock. It is also frequently used in other games/movies as a hostile creature.



–       Chicken Sprite

–       Cow Sprite

–       Wolf Sprite

–       Grass Background Image

–       Door Exit Icon

–       Open Door Icon

–       Pause Icon

–    House Icon

–       Fences Image

–       Coin Image

–       Cursor Image

–       Chicken Egg Image

–       Milk image

–       Heart Sprite

–       Game Background Music

–       Chicken Dying Sound

–       Chicken Spawn Sound

–       Cow Dying Sound

–       Cow Spawn Sound

–       Wolf Sound

–       Wolf Dying Sound


Game Screenshots

Main Page

Game Running Page

Game running page


Help Page

Score Page

Pause Dialog Menu


Evaluation of Nielsen’s Heuristics Rule

  1. Visibility of System Status

Our game communicates the current state of the program clearly allowing users to feel comfortable and in control of the system. Our program has explicit commands for controlling what is going to happen in the game that will enable the users to have better decision making. The users are able to see the current score, amount of coins they have, etc. We have a main menu page that explains what to do to the users which is separated from the gameplay. The users will not feel confused with what is happening on the screen.


  1. Match Between System and the Real World

Our program uses familiar language to the users that is the convention in many games so the users will not be confused with our interface. Our game is set in a grassland and uses farm animals such as chicken and cow which the users will not feel unfamiliar with, we also used several common icons such as coin,pause button,exit door so the users will get better user experience when playing our game.


  1. User control and Freedom

Our game has a pause button, exit button, and a replay button, giving the users full control of the system functions so the users won’t have to finish the game to be able to exit the game and also the users have the freedom to choose the item (chicken,cow,etc) by using keyboard shortcut or by using cursor.


  1. Consistency and Standards

Our program follows the standard in the vocabulary of the words used to the placement of the buttons allowing the user to have proper navigation over the system. Our game follows the convention of most games in button placement and the features of every button so the users will know where to look for what features. We also applied the same style in our game such as the buttons, the pop up modal, color scheme, etc.


  1. Error Prevention

Our program doesn’t have any error prevention because of the event limitation in

Construct2. But we have made a design for error prevention in the game, it is just not implemented into the game itself.


  1. Recognition Rather than Recall

Our game promotes recognition rather than recall by making the interface function and information available, easy to be remembered, and easily accessible by the user. It doesn’t require the user to memorize anything, the tutorial of the game is available in the main menu of the game.


  1. Flexibility and Efficiency of Use

Our program is suited for both experienced and inexperienced users. It contains almost everything needed for a game to function and the users will not feel deprived of any feature.


  1. Aesthetic and Minimalist Design

The visuals of our interface has a minimalist design, it looks simple and pleasing to the eye. There are no irrelevant or useless information displayed in our interface. The user will feel comfortable looking at our interface as everything is clear and visible.


  1. Help Users Recognize, Diagnose, and Recover from Errors

Our program doesn’t display any error messages due to the event limitations in Construct2 but the design for these have been made.


  1. Help and Documentation

Our program has a tutorial which the user can access from the main menu of the game that explains how to play the game. There is also a button to access the resources for the objects used in making this game and also a button to display the creators of this game and their contact info.

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